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Welcome to, the number one green roof website in the UK. is an independent organization that promotes green roofs and living roofs in the UK and is the UK member of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations. provides an in depth resource for all things to do with green roofs and living roofs. From their benefits to exemplar case studies, from Policy to Plants aims to raise the awareness of the need for green roof in new developments and the need to retrofit vegetation on the existing building fabric in our cities across the Globe.  promotes and highlights companies and suppliers, professional designers, consultants and individuals involved in ensuring that are Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure are the future of our cities.

Green Roof Shelters

Climate Change and Green Infrastructure

Green space is increasingly been seen as an important part of helping our cities to adapt and mitigate for the effects of climate change. Green roofs, living roofs and brown roofs are and will be an increasingly important technology. The ecosystems services that are provided by green roofs and living roofs will be especially important in regard a reduction in the Urban Heat Island [our summers are predicted to get much hotter] and help reduce the impact of flash summer storms that are predicted to increase as the climate changes. With 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, biodiverse green roofs will also provide an important refuge for wildlife in the UK urban environment.

Our website is an independent portal supported and sponsored by the leading green roof companies in the UK. On the site you will find the latest information on research into the benefits of green roofs and green walls, definitions of extensive, intensive and biodiverse green roofs and case studies of seminal green roof projects throughout the UK.

Our sister site The Green Roof Directory provides details of roofing contractors, green roof manufacturers & suppliers, architects and landscape designers who are active in the green roof industry.

We provide the most detailed information on green and living roofs in the UK.

Enjoy and in the great Austrian Architect/Philosopher Frederich Hundertwasser’s words:

"When one creates green roofs, one doesn't need to fear the so-called paving of the landscape: the houses themselves become part of the landscape."


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